Alexandra Saint Pierre

Alexandra Saint Pierre

SOCAPS Fund is proud to support Alexandra Saint-Pierre, a promising table tennis player on her way to the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games! 🏓.

Alexandra Saint Pierre has been world champion in handisport table tennis since November 2022. 
Four years after an accident that forced her to use a wheelchair, she was crowned champion in Granada (Spain).

Her determination and hard work propelled her into the world of table tennis, where she quickly made her mark as a promising athlete.

Having been world No. 2, European No. 1 and French No. 1, Alexandra will be taking part in the 2024 Paralympic Games for the 1st time.

To reinforce our support for Alexandra, a meeting is planned with SOCAPS employees. This will be the ideal opportunity to meet Alexandra in person, learn more about her career and exchange a few balls!

All behind Alexandra ! 💪