Results of the “Courir Pour Toit” challenge

Results of the “Courir Pour Toit” challenge

Congratulations to our 15 participants in the Courir pour Toit 2024 challenge for their involvement, which enabled them to raise €1,500 for the charity association Toit à Moi ! 👏🏆

All the teams were highly motivated and achieved their goal of covering 500kms in 15 days – they even exceeded it! Congratulations to all! 🏃

This challenge was full of suspense, fierce commitment and teams following each other closely! Congratulations to our 3 teams, who all finished in the top 100 out of a total of 556 participating teams across hashtagFrance!

🥇 39th : SOCAPS Dream Team 1 – Captain : Lucie DEBLIQUI with in her team : Gwladys FAUVEL LAGUERRE, Baptiste Leclerc, Jessica RIGHINI, Pauline Raoult !

🥈 49th : SOCAPS Team 2 – Captain : Elise MEYER with in her team: Justine Le Veziel, Margaux Mérieux, Djamila ANAIS, Anthony Dodard !

🥉 79th : SOCAPS best Team 3 – Captain : Julie ADRIEN with in her team: Angéline Capron, Kevin GAMA, Laure Dufrenne, Eva Walchhofer !

Looking forward to the 2025 challenge … !