Solidarité COVID-19

Since the start of the lockdown, SOCAPS teams and our Members have mobilized to face the COVID-19. Whether through their team spirit, by participating in the continuity of services or with our customers, by helping each one at their own level, the SOCAPS community shows solidarity and we are all very proud!

In the same spirit, “Anti-projection” masks which have been adapted for non-medical domains have been created by Pierre-Alain Labrador and distributed in our customer workshops and our own workshop in in MER where the activities of our members continue. Julie Adrien, SOCAPS employee, has made non-surgical alternative masks and Yannick Lefaux, SOCAPS member for more than 5 years, has decided to manufacture protective visors using his 3D printer as well as “Hooks” which make it possible to carry objects, open doors or simply press the button of an elevator without direct contact, thus making it easier to respect barrier gestures.

“3D printing is my passion and I am proud to be able to make myself useful,” explains Yannick Lefaux. The manufacturing is simple: we take PVC tablets that we cut and drill for the visor. Then we print the frame by following plans that we share on the Internet. With my machine, I can make 15 to 18 visors per day ”.

You can find the entire Paris-Normandie article devoted to the Normandy “MAKERS” on the following link: protection-made-voluntary-for-the-hospital-center-of-bernay-DG16677765

Two Facebook groups were thus created in order to relay information, meet the needs and facilitate the sharing of know-how: Makers against the Covid – 76 and Fight against the COVID 19 Dept of Eure 27. Do not hesitate to visit them!

To date, more than 2,000 protective visors have been distributed to businesses, medical centers and shops in Normandy and the “Makers” network is now present throughout France.