Un nouveau monde en marche

Terravita Project is a group of people united by the same passion: to promote the food industry from the field to the plate. Each one of us, with his or her own skills, shares the same desire to promote the agricultural sector and its expertise!

The association was created by Laurent Muratet, Agro Ecology expert and member of the SOCAPS Mission Committee. The aim is to support the research and development of the agricultural and food transition in France, via regenerative organic agriculture with a project test with a partner farmer.

3 steps:

  1. A test plot,
  2. Support for committed soil practices, plant cover, adapted machinery,
  3. Metric measurements years 1, 3 and 5 via a partner laboratory

The aim is to be one of the forerunners about carbon CSR and biodiversity in France, to support organic farmers in mixed cereal and pulse farming and to be an actor in the agricultural and food transition.