SOCAPS Maghreb (English)

SOCAPS Maghreb (English)

SOCAPS is pleased to announce the set-up of « SOCAPS Maghreb » in collaboration with the teams of our long-standing partners « M.C.A. Mécanique Industrielle ». M.C.A. Mécanique Industrielle responds locally to the installation and maintenance needs of industrial equipment manufacturers for SOCAPS customers in the region, with a high level of service and quality as always.

« This partnership with MCA Mecanique Industrielle to establish SOCAPS® Maghreb as Regional Ambassador of Socaps® is an opportunity for SOCAPS® to reinforce its presence in Maghreb. The geographical position of Tunisia, the great technical skills and human values of the people within the team are an asset for the expansion of Socaps in the region. This move offers synergy & strength to the SOCAPS network in the Africa & Middle East zone for the benefits of our regional partners in place with Socaps® Africa and Socaps® Middle East. We are therefore very happy to strengthen our historic partnership with the Mansour family! »

Thomas Meyer – CEO, SOCAPS Group

« After a long-term collaboration, I’m proud to start a new adventure today with MCA Mécanique Industrielle and to launch Socaps® Maghreb together. This will allow us to continue and reinforce our position and growth whilst supporting our projects for the Morrocan, Algerian and Tunisian territories in both Food & Beverage, Health & Care and Greentech industries. It is also a key strategic location to support French and Arabic speaking countries in the Middle East & Africa region. Thanks to all our Field and Admin teams for making this possible and I am looking forward to a great future all together! »

Mathieu Kerouanton – Sales director SOCAPS AOA

« Alone we go faster, together we go further. That is our motto! What would we like for the future? To expand our technical team, seek out the best, find employees who, in turn, will represent SOCAPS® Maghreb with our customers. To create a sales department that will allow us to approach new customers, deploy our communication through social networks, a website and all the tools available to us today to reach the greatest number of future customers and employees. »

Alan Mansour – SOCAPS® Maghreb Regional ambassador

Thanks to this new partnership, SOCAPS is strengthening its presence and continuing to develop its activity in this region and in these strategic markets.