For the fourth year running, SOCAPS teams organized or joined 6 collection points in France and around the world, collecting a total of 1951 kg of waste scattered in the wild. ♻️🍃

Beyond this figure, this event also represents a moment of sharing, exchange and conviviality with associations, local authorities and citizens… all key players in our commitment as a mission-driven company.

Thanks to the World Cleanup Day – France teams for all their hard work, we’re proud to actively support them. 🙏

This commitment is one of the concrete actions taken by SOCAPS as part of its “Planet” objective, and more specifically commitment #3.2: “Participate in the protection of natural resources and biodiversity”.

A big well done to our employees, without whom none of this would have been possible: Pauline, Marco, Kevin, Elisabeth, Mathieu, Carole…and all the others!

You can watch a video recap of the event here !

See you in September 2024 for the next edition!