Les Tatas Frippées

Les Tatas Frippées

Les Tatas Fripées is a new association with plans to open an alternative venue in Rouen.

With a café offering local, seasonal produce, a recycling center for textiles and furniture, and a varied, accessible cultural program, the Tatas aim to recreate links between residents in a multi-generational way.

In the meantime, the association is organizing events to introduce itself and its project to future café users.

In 2023, SOCAPS FUND is renewing its support for the association, whose project is to open a social and cultural café with a shared creative workshop and a thrift shop. This shared third place will be open to all, and will respect the values of inclusion, equality and environmental protection. Its aim is to raise awareness of a more thoughtful and virtuous lifestyle, and to create links between generations.

The sponsorship enabled to help organize the event at the MJC du Mont Gargan on September 2 and 3. The event included bike repair workshops, a linocut workshop and an introduction to hypnosis.