Spotlight on the Back-office department #TeamADV at SOCAPS

In this article, we would like to highlight the SOCAPS Back-office department. This 14-person team, led by our Chief Operations Officer, currently supports 925 SOCAPS members across 60 countries, as well as our customers around the world.

Operational Excellence. The #TeamADV coordinates all the administrative aspects that allow our members to carry out the missions entrusted to them by our clients. From scheduling and travel logistics to final invoicing, our team’s primary mission is to support our members in their work and ensure the satisfaction of our clients and partners at all times.

Exceptional teamwork. The #TeamADV also provides support to our sales force by assisting them in all contractual and administrative aspects of the operations they’ve negotiated.  They all have a common goal: to respond to our customers’ needs around the world with maximum efficiency, responsiveness and proximity.

A global presence. Our team is spread over three agencies. In Singapore, our team covers operations in Asia and Oceania. From Atlanta, we organize all the operations taking place in the Americas. Finally, our team based in Rouen, France, ensures all operations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East run smoothly.

In 2021, more than 15,000 missions in 110 countries were organized and carried out thanks to the hard work and dedication of our #TeamADV. Congratulations and thanks to all our collaborators: Amber S., Angéline C., Anne D., Célia B., Dorothée B., Elisabeth C., Elise M., Ely M., Ema H., Gwladys F-L., Iffah Q., Jessica R., Justine L., Pauline R., Zoé G.