Association RéVEIL

RéVEIL is an association of mobilization, reflection and action of migrants from Africa in particular who participates in the emergence of local socio-economic development. The A2MTC project (Acquiring Equipment to Mechanize the Processing of Cereals Harvest) takes place in the rural village of Wompou in Mauritania. The project consists of several stages: mechanization of rice processing in the village in order to reduce the arduousness of manual processing, increase the productivity and quality of clean rice, create individual and collective sources of income in the village (sale of surplus rice) and create jobs in the village, especially for women and young people.

SOCAPS FUND supports the process of improving the working conditions of rural communities while promoting the economic empowerment and food security of families and by strengthening the capacities of the local cooperative to manage generating activities.

Due to Covid 19, the project is postponed until Mauritania and Senegal border reopen.