Finding sustainable solutions to fight against the emergency of plastic pollution, protect the environment by promoting the circular economy, place people at the heart of environmental issues are all common objectives of The Seacleaners, Socaps and ZeLoop. That’s the reason we created a common challenge for The Sea Cleaners sponsors to raise awareness about sorting and recycling.

What’s this ?A reward platform for participation in the circular plastic economy.

Why ?Encourage citizens to adopt pro-environmental behaviors from collecting waste to recycling and recovering plastic bottles.

How? The ZeLoop app is easy to use and fun.

1.The user downloads the application, creates an account and informs the collection points near his home.

2.The user collects plastic bottles.

3.He drops off his bottles at a collection point and takes a photo to import into the app.

The user immediately wins virtual eco-tokens redeemable for goods, services and more!

With 300 players from 5 different countries, more than 4000 bottles have been recycled and 310 collection points registered!