SOCAPS Client Word of Mouth – Apollo Group

Discover the testimony of Claudia Van den Pol, CEO of Apollo Group.

Spotlight on the Back-office department #TeamADV at SOCAPS

In this article, we would like to highlight the SOCAPS Back-office department. This 14-person team, led by our Chief Operations Officer, currently supports 925 SOCAPS members across 60 countries, as well as our customers around the world. Operational Excellence. The #TeamADV coordinates all the administrative aspects that allow our members to carry out the missions […]

International Women’s Day

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day on March 8, SOCAPS highlights a major issue in the industry. Women are under-represented in industry and are the first victims of job insecurity. At a time when the industrial sector is experiencing unprecedented recruitment difficulties, why deprive itself of 50% of its potential talent ? As […]

Maison de l’Artemisia

In 2017, more than 435,000 deaths from malaria were reported worldwide, of which 403,000 were in Africa. Since 2015 the data shows no significant progress towards a decrease in the number of cases of malaria in the world according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Since 2014, «La Maison de  l’Artemisia» brings together medical and […]

Union Sportive Stéphanaise

The USS mission promotes multiple values and gathers everyone who shares them. The USS choose «Handball» because it’s a team sport giving a special place to each participant and it conveys an image of success. Since 20218, SOCAPS Fund supports this initiative and will participate towards the rental of a gymnasium to host children after […]

The SeaCleaners: le projet MANTA

Basdio Elementary School

Basdio Elementary School is an elementary school in the Philippines on Bohol Island, Guinduilman. This school welcomes 232 children from 2 to 12 years old. The children of Basdio Primary School and their parents have very little means and sometimes walk up to 15 kilometers to reach the school, often in the tropical rain. SOCAPS […]

Ensemble Vocal Renaissance

The Ensemble Vocal Renaissance association, located in Le Havre (76 – France) brings together 75 choir members, under the direction Emmanuelle Pascal Falala who meet every week, and 3 weekends to work on the preparation of its concerts. The association is organizing a concert on March 28, 2019 at Notre Dame Cathedral, this concert called […]


CYCLOCANCER  is an association and organizes a bicycle race every year in Rouen with the aim of raising funds for the Becquerel institute and cancer research. SOCAPS Fund participated in the organization of the 2019 race: LA CYCLOCANCER on September 8, 2019 in Clères (76690).

Food For Soul

Food for Soul  is building a progressive human-centered model and a diverse network of partners to demonstrate the effectiveness of culture and its value in improving conditions for people and our ecosystem. Using the power of food, empathetic service and action-oriented leadership, Food for Soul has created a center based on knowledge and trust. As […]

Fondation Giorgio Amendola

The Fondation Giorgio Amendola promotes scientific, economic, political, historical and social studies, by encouraging the younger generations to get involved in these questions, by putting in place working tools adapted to the needs of the modern world. The Foundation also carries out activities of protection, promotion and enhancement of the environment, cultural heritage and works of […]


The UROBORO association is committed to environmental issues, health, recycling, and even gender equality. Socaps Fund provides support for the arts festival organized by Uroboro which brings together actors from different fields to focus together on subjects of art and music with emerging artists and give a professional show for free to underprivileged young people […]


CONSTRUCTION OF A STANDPIPE IN A SCHOOL IN OUIDAH – BENIN Project co-financed by the SOCAPS Fund, the SOCAPS Endowment Fund and led by the French NGO C.I.E.LO in collaboration with the Beninese association Secours Enfance. In Benin, one of the poorest countries in the world – ranked 163rd out of 189 countries listed in […]

Chansons sans Frontières

Chansons Sans Frontières (CSF), based in Normandy, has both a strong regional and international dimension and aims to promote intercultural exchanges and dialogue through artistic creations and actions, events opening onto the world. CSF organizes international competitions for song writing in French, concerts, workshops, meetings and exhibitions. At the same time, the EPE is a […]

Persian Cultural Center

Le Persian Cultural Center is a non-profit organization founded in 1989 with the aim of promoting solidarity, integration and the well-being of Iranians in the American community through support upon their arrival on American territory, financial assistance, social education, advice on administrative procedures, various activities (IT or English courses) or even legal advice. Sepideh, SOCAPS US […]

Association RéVEIL

RéVEIL is an association of mobilization, reflection and action of migrants from Africa in particular who participates in the emergence of local socio-economic development. The A2MTC project (Acquiring Equipment to Mechanize the Processing of Cereals Harvest) takes place in the rural village of Wompou in Mauritania. The project consists of several stages: mechanization of rice processing […]


L’Etafeni Trust, is situated in Nyanga, one of the oldest black townships in Cape Town. The Etafeni Trust, in partnership with the local community, has built a multi-purpose Day Care Centre in Nyanga which takes into account the needs of vulnerable children, the needs of those who care for them, and the needs of the […]

Solidarité COVID-19

Since the start of the lockdown, SOCAPS teams and our Members have mobilized to face the COVID-19. Whether through their team spirit, by participating in the continuity of services or with our customers, by helping each one at their own level, the SOCAPS community shows solidarity and we are all very proud! In the same […]


SOCAPS Fund aims: «Protect biodiversity, reduce packaging related pollution and our carbon footprint while participating in eco-awareness and circular economy approach within our industry.»

Solidarité Liban

August 4th2020, a massive blast in the Beirut port killed at least 190 people, wounded over 6,500 and left up to 300,000 homeless. SOCAPS Group and especially SOCAPS Middle East support their partners, as well as all people living in Beirut. SOCAPS FUND made a donation to Arc-en-Ciel, a local NGO and to The Lebanese […]

WORLD CLEAN UP DAY – September 19th 2020

What is it? World CleanUp Day is an event sponsored by the international NGO Let’s do it World. As the name suggests, «World CleanUp Day» is a day to collect waste everywhere in the world! What for? The purpose of this day is to raise awareness and inform by synchronizing people around the world around […]


Finding sustainable solutions to fight against the emergency of plastic pollution, protect the environment by promoting the circular economy, place people at the heart of environmental issues are all common objectives of The Seacleaners, Socaps and ZeLoop. That’s the reason we created a common challenge for The Sea Cleaners sponsors to raise awareness about sorting […]


In January 2020 SOCAPS sponsored the installation of to beehives at its site in Croissy-sur-Seine (France) with Les Ruchers d’Alexandre.  


In partnership with Reforest’action , SOCAPS offsets 1230 tonnes of carbon (calculated based on 2019 activity) by financing the planting of 8610 trees in Sumatra, Indonesia.


  SOCAPS Fund aims: «Protect biodiversity, reduce packaging related pollution and our carbon footprint while participating in eco-awareness and circular economy approach within our industry.»  


SOCAPS Fund partners with Coral Guardian for the preservation of corals by sponsoring a reef. Adopt a coral yourself! To mark the occasion of World Oceans Day, SOCAPS Fund is pleased to support Coral Guardian who protects coral reefs offers companies to name sponsored corals after their employees for fundraising purposes. Welcome to our new corals: Diego Ibarra, Sepideh Shokoohi, Keran Le hors, Iffah Q, … […]


Faced with the unprecedented health crisis of COVID-19, India is particularly vulnerable and in difficulty to cope with the increase in cases of people affected by COVID-19, whose number has increased by forty in less than three months. SOCAPS FUND is mobilizing with Alliance Urgences, composed of four NGOs: Action Contre la Faim, CARE, Handicap […]


SOCAPS FUND is committed to the Cheval Espérance association, an equestrian center located 10 minutes from Rouen, on the edge of the Green Forest. The center has been welcoming physically and mentally handicapped people for 16 years to practice activities around horses. Our support will participate in the replacement of a retiring Shetland by a […]


In February 2021, two SOCAPS employees organized a collection of hygiene, household and food products in the Rouen offices to benefit Secours Populaire!


SOCAPS FUND supports the Rouen-based association Majk, which comes to the aid of the needy through the purchase, preparation and distribution of meals consisting of a soup, a main dish with meat, a dessert and a drink. Between 300 and 350 meals are distributed per week.


The D-Day Innovation Overlord Foundation and the MoHo team have jointly decided to mobilize and pivot part of its activities in favor of these young people, with a strong act: the provision of an open space of 1000m2, creating the first space dedicated to the realization of general interest projects of this generation. This Fund […]


The Solidarity Association of Tunisia is actively engaged in supporting Tunisian hospitals during this period of crisis of Covid-19, in particular by organizing fundraisers to purchase oxygenators and other equipment that are sorely lacking in some regions. SOCAPS Fund, in partnership with MCA SOCAPS Maghreb, participated in the purchase and delivery of a new oxygen […]


SOCAPS FUND supported the event organized by one of the members of SOCAPS S.A., for the Association Téléthon Cauville-sur-Mer. The project allowed the setting up of a climbing wall for an afternoon and an inflatable structure, among other activities, in order to collect funds for the Telethon.


A soccer club created in 1994, the Rouennaise Football Association stands out for its openness to others, regardless of religion or social background. It was awarded the 2017 Philippe Séguin Trophies by the Fondaction du Football (FFF) in the «FairPlay and Citizenship» category and the 2018 Seine-Maritime Department Prize in the «Social Inclusion» category, for […]


Les Tatas Fripées is a new association whose project is to open an alternative place in Rouen. It is around a café proposing local and seasonal products, a recycling center revalorizing textiles and furniture and an accessible and varied cultural program that the Tatas want to recreate the link between the inhabitants and in a […]


Social Education and Environmental Development Scheme (SEEDS) Trust is a non-governmental, non-profit social service organization. Ending poverty, providing basic education to all, abolishing child labor, SEEDS TRUST is committed to improving the lives of all people with the ambition of creating self-sustaining communities while participating in the conservation of nature for the benefit of present […]


SOCAPS FUND is proud to be a sponsor of the World Clean Up Day France! The World Clean Up Day is THE world day to clean up our planet! In France, in 2021, more than 158,000 people were mobilized, 617 tons of waste were collected and 2454 cleanups were referenced!

Mission Committee Report June 2021 – June 2022

One year ago, on 24 June 2021, SOCAPS adopted the status of a mission company. We are pleased, one year later, to share the 1st Mission Committee Report. This report outlines the actions taken by SOCAPS in 2021, our commitments, achievements and goals for a more responsible future. Thank you to the members of the […]

Meilleurs voeux 2019

SOCAPS vous présente ses meilleurs vœux et continuera à vous accompagner tout au long de l’année 2019!

2018 Excellence Quality Award – Sidel Group Supplier Day

2018 Excellence Quality Award – Sidel Group Supplier Day Toute l’équipe de SOCAPS est fière de partager avec vous la récompense qu’elle vient de recevoir de la part de son client Sidel. Ce 28 novembre 2018 Thomas MEYER – CEO de SOCAPS Group – a reçu le prix de l’excellence qualité 2018 lors de la […]

L’Usine Extraordinaire

Promouvoir une industrie Française en mouvement SOCAPS au sein de l’Usine extraordinaire #INSPIRATION #FUTUR

SOCAPS au salon Gulfood Manufacturing

L’équipe SOCAPS au pavillon «Créative France» au salon Gulfood Manufacturing – Dubaï avec Business France. Visite ce matin de son Excellence Ludovic Pouille Ambassadeur de France aux Émirats Arabes Unis.


LE PRÉLÈVEMENT A LA SOURCE : TOUT COMPRENDRE ET S’Y PRÉPARER Après de nombreux rebondissements, le gouvernement a tranché : le prélèvement à la source aura bien lieu dès le 1er janvier 2019 ! Quels impacts pour vous en tant qu’indépendant ? Comment vous y préparer ? Merci au cabinet A2C Expertise qui nous a […]

Pack Expo Chicago show 2018

The SOCAPS team is proud to be among the +2500 exhibitors at the 2018 Pack Expo in the windy city of Chicago, Pack Expo Chicago is welcoming this year over 50 000 attendees.

Quand le sport devient un moyen.

Quand le sport devient un moyen. @Socaps_coop fier mécénat de l’Union Sportive Stéphanaise «USS» #Handball #unemission #unmoyen

SOCAPS GROUP certifié ISO 9001:2015

SOCAPS GROUP certifié ISO 9001:2015 Grâce à son système de management de la qualité, notamment une forte orientation client, la motivation et l’engagement de la direction ainsi que l’amélioration continue. SOCAPS GROUP a reçu la certification ISO 9001:2015 après des audits du «Bureau Veritas Cerification«, filiale du «Bureau Veritas» leader mondiale de la certification. La […]

New Office in Dubai !

To mark the occasion of Gulfood Manufacturing, we are very pleased to announce the opening of a new SOCAPS office in Dubai! Read the press release

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