Les Tatas Fripées is a new association whose project is to open an alternative place in Rouen. It is around a café proposing local and seasonal products, a recycling center revalorizing textiles and furniture and an accessible and varied cultural program that the Tatas want to recreate the link between the inhabitants and in a multi-generational way. While waiting to find the ideal place, the association organizes events to present itself and think about the project with the future users of the café.

SOCAPS FUND participates in the financing of the event which will take place on January 8, 2022: Les Tatas Fripées will organize a day at the Almendra theater in Rouen. It will be «like at home», the idea is to propose local drinks and snacks with seasonal products, sale of second hand textile accessible, man woman and of all sizes.  A workshop for children will be animated by volunteers, followed by a talking circle for adults. The evening will be animated by concerts with local bands, in order to promote the Norman artistic scene.