socaps fund

SOCAPS has created the endowment fund call SOCAPS FUND.


Social & Environmental Responsibility is a key subject for SOCAPS. As a cooperative company we are convinced of the social role that businesses have, both via the democratic governance that they impose and their territorial presence.


An important step for any business is to use concrete actions to mobilise its eco-system (customers, suppliers, colleagues and institutions) particularly focusing on willing internal volunteers. SOCAPS Fund has been created with this in mind and its aim is to participate directly or indirectly in projects in the following domains:

  • SPORT – support for amateur sport projects, thus promoting education, insertion and social cohesion through sporting and physical activities, access to such activities for all and accentuating the values and personal achievement that sport brings.
  • CULTURAL – support for general interest projects aiming to project and protect national or international cultural assets.
  • SOLIDARITY – support for humanitarian actions working towards improving living conditions of men, women & children all over the world in terms of education, sanitary, social and culture.
  • ENVIRONMENT – working towards the protection of the environment by participating in the preservation of eco-systems, animal, vegetable & mineral biodiversity by favouring the education of populations regarding all themes linked to the protection of the environment.

Our values “Entrepreneurial, Talent, Respect & Commitment” are an important vehicle for our social and environmental commitments, materialised as the SOCAPS Fund.


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