Since 1984, we have forged a solid experience in the design, assembly, installation and maintenance of process and packaging equipment for all types of agri-food products: dairy products, fresh or dried products, sauces , spreads and desserts, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages (sodas, juices, water, beer …), ready meals. We can provide one-off solutions or turnkey projects at any level of the line: agri-food process, primary & secondary packaging, printing and marking, handling and storage systems.


For complete packaging lines in the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industry, we can provide solutions for: pharmaceutical process, cosmetic process, chemical process, primary & secondary packaging, printing and marking. We can offer you various process and packaging equipment for all types of products: lipstick filling, syringes and vials, liquid and pasty products (syrup, shower gel, shampoo, hydro-alcoholic gel, creams, perfumes … ), solid drugs (pills, capsules, suppositories …), containers (sachets, tubes, ball systems, pots, flasks …), body care & household products.


SOCAPS provides energy equipment OEMs with flexible technical service solutions focusing on 3 key competencies: rotary machines (compressors, power generators, pumps, turbines), mooring equipment (winches, tensioners, brake systems, motors, geared motors) ), lifting and handling equipment (hydraulic systems, cranes, pipeline laying equipment). In each case, SOCAPS can offer a wide range of services according to customer needs: diagnostic & revision before intervention, production management in workshop & assembly, technical assistance.


Our company is also specialized in the field of Aeronautics. Thanks to our global panel of technicians, we can intervene over the entire lifecycle of your equipment: installation, maintenance, shutdown and renovation, diagnostics, reporting and spare parts management, PLC programming, assistance with the implementation in service, supervision and team coordination (Team Management).