A soccer club created in 1994, the Rouennaise Football Association stands out for its openness to others, regardless of religion or social background. It was awarded the 2017 Philippe Séguin Trophies by the Fondaction du Football (FFF) in the “FairPlay and Citizenship” category and the 2018 Seine-Maritime Department Prize in the “Social Inclusion” category, for its societal actions, in particular the reception of young migrants within the club, in partnership with the France Terre d’Asile association and the Rouen Asylum Seekers Reception Center (CADA).

In order to reach a wider population, the Association is working on the concept of a solidarity and cultural meal, which is offered to establishments welcoming vulnerable people (seniors, disabled people, young people from difficult neighborhoods, homeless people, etc.) in the Rouen area, for 25 to 30 people. The Rouen Football Association brings in one of its players for lunch or dinner, so that he or she can talk about discovering the culture and way of life in his or her country of origin, over a traditional meal that he or she prepares. This allows the participants to taste new flavors, but also, for some people, to simply eat a hearty meal.