Our values


President’s Message

Welcome to SOCAPS.

SOCAPS is a cooperative in which every freelance member brings his skills and efforts to achieve one common goal : Customer Satisfaction.

At SOCAPS, we create value for our customers by delivering outstanding technical and administrative services for the design, building, installation and maintenance of industrial equipment. Our high standard of service is only possible when each freelance engineer acts as an Entrepreneur, using his Talent and showing Commitment to the company’s mission.

As a cooperative we also believe that Human beings are at the core of our business model. For SOCAPS honesty is primordial, and every action we undertake for our customers, members or employees is carried out with Respect.

We wish you a pleasant visit on our website.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of SOCAPS S.A

Thomas MEYER
C.E.O. – SOCAPS Group


SOCAPS is a cooperative allowing its freelance members to develop their own professional activities independently, and supporting them with an established structure.


The source of our outstanding service is the talent of SOCAPS’ members and employees. Our ambition is to identify, integrate, and develop these talents and to secure their loyalty.


Since Human beings are at the core of our business model, Respect is fundamental in our relationships with collaborators, managers, members and customers.


SOCAPS is dedicated to establishing long term relationships with its collaborators, members and customers.
In order to guarantee this strategy, we ask our collaborators and members to be completely committed to their job.