Our innovative concept is the result of the partnership between the artisanal cooperative company SOCAPS S.A. and the network of regional sales agencies united within SOCAPS GROUP.

In Europe, our technical staff – known as “Members” – are both artisan technicians working on customer sites and shareholders of SOCAPS S.A.

In the rest of the world, our members are independent workers who adhere to the principles and values of SOCAPS as a cooperative company and participate in the deployment of our international network.

The cooperative model allows people to be placed at the heart of our strategic thinking and our model of democratic governance. It also allows great agility in a constantly changing world while preserving our local anchoring.


The governance of the SOCAPS S.A. cooperative is ensured by a Board of Directors made up of artisans elected from among their peers. Our cooperative also relies on regional commercial agencies, grouped together within SOCAPS GROUP, a commercial company managed by an Executive Committee.

Ethical principles and a code of conduct are at the heart of our governance and our business model, throughout the world.

For this reason, SOCAPS is a signatory of the “United Nations Global Compact” to affirm its determination to maintain a culture of integrity through the implementation of the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact through global operations.


As a cooperative, we place People at the heart of our business model and our daily principles.

Concretely, this translates into an absolute priority given to health and safety at work for our employees, members and service providers, everywhere and at all times.

This is also reflected in each action taken for our customers by our members or employees with a strong requirement of mutual respect.

Finally, we have a duty of transparency and moral rigor in the decisions that we take on a daily basis and that we apply to ourselves.


President Socaps S.A.


At SOCAPS, our values ​​shared by all are a guarantee of satisfaction for our customers.


SOCAPS is a cooperative society which allows its independent members to develop their own professional activities by supporting them with an established structure.


The source of our exceptional talent is the talent of the employees and members of SOCAPS. Our ambition is to identify, integrate, develop and retain talents.


Since people are at the heart of our business model, respect is fundamental to our relationships with our employees, managers, members and customers.


SOCAPS is committed to establishing long-term relationships with its employees, members and customers. In order to guarantee this strategy, we ask for a full commitment from our employees and our members.


Let’s think about SOCAPS operations through the “3P” mentality to create a virtuous circle of “People – Profit – Planet”.

“At SOCAPS, we believe that by investing in our  teams (Human), we achieve our financial objectives (Profit) allowing us to act in a virtuous manner towards our communities (Planet) …

This way of thinking and acting allows us to attract more talents, customers and partners who share this vision… and so on.

It is a virtuous circle that allows us to think differently about the strategic question of compassion and places corporate moral responsibility at the heart of our Reason for Being.

It is in this sense that we reconcile Human and Capital, Environment and Production. ”


Thomas MEYER
CEO of Socaps Group


Beyond an approach of Social and Environmental Responsibility, at SOCAPS we believe in the moral responsibility of companies and work in this direction both in our strategic vision but also on a daily basis.

We have created the “SOCAPS Fund” to materialize our solidarity and environmental approach by financing real projects: solidarity projects and support for communities, reduction of our carbon footprint and compensation, pollution control and circular economy.