Health, Safety, Environment & Security



SOCAPS has subscribed to CRG International Security Assistance Program to develop training, security prevention and improve risk analysis before departure on site.


SOCAPS has developed standard risk prevention plans and solutions to prepare site & workshop activities. SOCAPS has developed an FSE e-training program to implement a health and safety culture at every level of the company.


SOCAPS covers its operations worldwide with a 15M€ corporal & material damages insurance through our General Liability.


SOCAPS medical assistance and repatriation program insures worldwide solutions (from anywhere to everywhere) to cover 150K€ of medical expenses and repatriation of the technicians to their country of residence.


Respecting the environment is an issue that SOCAPS takes seriously.

We are therefore happy to announce that we have signed up to plant 7000 trees all over France and in Indonesia in collaboration with Reforest’Action. This project will allow SOCAPS to compensate our impact on the environment and you can help us to do so!

Simply ask us for your virtual tree and you can then plant it in one of the many Reforest’Action projects in France. We only have one planet and we must do our best to protect it.

Help the planet by planting a tree today!

For more information about this project, feel free to contact our Integrity manager, Richard WOOLF.

Ask for your tree !

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