Engineering, Technical audit, Maintenance, New works, Project management, Digitalization … The know-how of our global community of independent technical experts at the service of your industrial projects, from the simplest to the most complex.


Design, Assembly, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance, Recruitment… Field intervention, on your site, your customers site or remotely. The SOCAPS team supports you on a long-term basis in your international development.

Our sectors of activity

Food and Beverage industry

Since 1984, we have built solid experience in the design, assembly, installation and maintenance of process and packaging equipment for all types of food products: dairy products, fresh or dry products, sauces, spreads and desserts, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks (sodas, juice, water, beer, etc.), ready meals.

We provide one-off solutions or turnkey projects at all levels of your production lines: food processing, primary & secondary packaging, printing and marking, handling and storage systems.

Food and beverage

Health and Care Industries

For complete process and packaging lines in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, we provide solutions for: pharmaceutical process, cosmetic process, chemical process, primary & secondary packaging, printing and labeling.

We work on process and packaging equipment for all types of products: lipstick filling, syringes and bottles, liquid and paste products (syrup, shower gel, shampoo, hydro-alcoholic gel, creams, perfumes, etc.), solid drugs (pills, capsules, suppositories…), containers (sachets, tubes, ball systems, jars, bottles…), body care & household products.

Health and care

Robotics & Intralogistics

The current modernization of industries and 4.0 technologies are particularly changing the automatic assembly and logistics industries. The key skills to be managed are still the same: Automation and Robotics.

From conveyors to assembly robots, printing, box forming, palletization all the way through to automatized stocking or self-guiding vehicles, whether it be in the FMCG sector (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), electronics manufacturing, the automobile industry  or aeronautics, SOCAPS is here to support you.

SOCAPS provides optimization solutions and can accompany your machines, your manipulation technologies, assembly and automated logistics.

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“Cleantech” Responsible Technologies

The protection of our ecosystems (biosphere & climate) is at the heart of today’s social debates and is central to the future of many industries. In recent years, industry players and equipment manufacturers have made unprecedented efforts in terms of their impact on the protection of the biosphere and the fight against climate change:

  • Clean (Low carbon) energy production, storage and distribution systems
  • Sustainable water management technologies & equipment
  • Circular economy technologies & equipment (collection, sorting, recycling, transformation of materials)
  • Regenerative Agri-Techs technologies & equipment

By providing solutions and services adapted to “Cleantech” Responsible Technologies, SOCAPS is positioned as the reference partner in supporting this collective effort. Thanks to its specialised technical network and its complete range of support services for responsible technologies, SOCAPS assists you to realise your projects for the future.


On all our projects, safety and security are our top priorities. Our ISO certified processes regarding QUALITY, SAFETY & ENVIRONNEMENT and our corporate governance commitment complete this approach, which makes SOCAPS a benchmark service provider.

Our expertise

Our global coverage

With a community of 1055 technicians working in 110 countries, SOCAPS meets your local needs.

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Our partners

SOCAPS is a member of the “Fédération Française des Coopératives et Groupement d’Artisans” (FFCGA) and actively participates in the development of cooperative values ​​of equity, responsibility, independence, democracy and transparency.

For more than 40 years SOCAPS has supported manufacturers in the Food and Beverage, Health and Cosmetics industries with the support of partner organizations.