Chansons sans Frontières

Chansons Sans Frontières (CSF), based in Normandy, has both a strong regional and international dimension and aims to promote intercultural exchanges and dialogue through artistic creations and actions, events opening onto the world. CSF organizes international competitions for song writing in French, concerts, workshops, meetings and exhibitions. At the same time, the EPE is a training organization that works both in language training for migrants and in the fight against illiteracy.

The CSF and EPE project is to bring together the participants of sociolinguistic workshops (migrants who have recently arrived in the French territory and in a situation of learning the French language) in socio-cultural centers where CSF will lead workshops. writing and songs in order, in particular, to allow participants to improve their appropriation and mastery of the French language, to come to terms with the written word, to create social ties, to enhance their ability to create and transmit collectively.

Due to COVID-19 crisis, the project is postponed to 2021.