PMMI – The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies
SOCAPS joined the PMMI in 2017 !

On one side, the GEPPIA includes French manufacturers of packaging machines, packaging lines and processing equipment, and on the other side their partners, the equipment manufacturers’ suppliers.

SOCAPS is GEPPIA partner since 2007.

SYMOP, Union of Machinery and Production Technologies, is one of the main trade unions affiliated to the Federation of Mechanical Industries (FIM), which includes 240 companies, machinery and production equipment manufacturers.

SOCAPS is an associate member of SYMOP since 2013.

FFCGA brings together cooperatives and groups of artisans and represents the French artisanal co-operative movement by stimulating the necessary actions for its promotion and development.

SOCAPS has been a member of the Board of Directors of the FFCGA since 2017.

ADEPTA (Association for the Development of International Exchanges of Products and Agricultural Technical and Agri-food) promotes the worldwide export of French agri-food equipment.

Member since 2009, SOCAPS is also represented on the Board of ADEPTA.

EVOLEN, formerly GEP-AFTP, born out of the fusion of the Group of Oil & Gas services Companies with the Association of Oil Professionals and Technicians, EVOLEN aims to “promote worldwide French excellence in the hydrocarbon industry.”

SOCAPS joined EVOLEN in 2015.